Monday, July 27, 2009

It's That Time: Race for the Cure 2009--Team JaNoel

Well ladies and gents--it's that time again!!

Time to register for the 2009 Race for the Cure!!!

…that the five-year survival rate for breast cancer, when caught early, is now 98 percent?
With the help of the money we raise each year--we can get that survival rate to 100%!!!

The 2009 Race for the Cure is on Saturday, October 17 in Little Rock, AR. Time to get planning!! This year's theme is "It's My Race to Win!"
There are a few things that need to be done now.

Go to Click on the tab, "Komen Race for the Cure," then click "Register." When the registration page appears, click on "Join a Team." When the team page appears, scroll down to team search. Enter "Team JaNoel" and click "search for a team." When the page refreshes, scroll down and click Team JaNoel. The password is dance.
Even if you can't walk with us--you can join the team and be a spirit runner!!

If you have any questions, please, send me an email!!

Next--invite others to join!!
Each year Team JaNoel grows and surpasses expectations. We want 2009 to be no different! So, once you've registered, ask others to join. Like above, even if they can't be there on race day, let your friends/family know they can join the team and be a spirit runner!!

GUYS--you can participate, too!! You can put together a 3 Miles of Men team to stand on the sidelines and cheer the ladies on!!

Third--Raise money!!
Send out requests to family and friends that may be willing to help raise money for this year's race. Team JaNoel's goal is to raise $1000! We have surpassed our team goal each year, let's not change that now!!

Finally--TEAM THEME!!!
If you have any ideas for the team theme or what you'd like our tshirts to look like, please let me know!! I'd like to get these done by September if possible!
We hope to continue last year's fun event--post race BBQ as well. More details to follow on that.

Please join us in this fantastic event...for you, your moms and sisters, daughters and nieces...for your best girl friends.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Race Planning Underway!

This year's theme is "It's MY Race to Win." The focus for this is to do something (the Race) for you. We tend to do things for others, so this one is for you. Concentrate on yourself and remember that your health is important, too!

We need to start brainstorming on what we'd like our team tshirts to look like. Colors/ideas, etc. Veronica had suggested to play on the Bigs/Littles with something like "Bigs, Littles and In-Betweens Racing for the Cure"...thoughts?

Registration for the Race will open up online on July 19.

This year they're trying something new (and I believe to be pretty clever) called "Put a Fork In It." They are contacting local restaurants to ask them to donate a portion of their proceeds to Susan G. Komen on Race day.

Remember, the race day is October 17.

I truly hope everyone can get in town for it--but understand if it doesn't happen...due to weddings and all that.

We will try to put together another BBQ or post race event for the team since last year was such a success.

Stay tuned!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A little bit of this and that...

From the Race Chair, Ellen Kreth:

This year Komen gave away more than one million dollars in grants. We certainly applaud ourselves for that. But, we also learned from our grants committee that so much more is needed. Komen was submitted needed grant requests for more than triple that amount. That is why the Because I Care pledge program is so important. And, this year, the prizes for the winners of the Because I Care pledge program are even better than last year! While we are so proud of our Race, in that so many people participant, we realize how important our pledge program is and growing it to raise even more money so even more women can receive treatment for breast cancer.

We also announced our start date for a Train for the Cure program -- Monday, Sept. 7 at War Memorial Stadium. Our run/walk clinic will meet every Monday and Thursday night from 6:30 to 7:30. You will be able to register for the clinic when you register online for the 2009 Race, but space is limited.

We are now on Facebook!! Become a fan!! Look for Susan G. Komen for the Cure: Arkansas!! We will post fun and important info!

And finally, for the most fun part(y): May 10, Mothers Day, is also Komen Day at Dickey Stephens, and we are so excited. The Arkansas Travs are going to celebrate Komen by wearing Pink jerseys during the game. Those jerseys will be auctioned off at the end of the game and the money will be donated to Komen. You don't have to be a part of the committee to come to this fun game. We want all friends of Komen there to cheer on the Travs and raise money for Komen!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

52 JaNoelisms

Happy February 13th!! (Friday the 13th at that...)

For JaNoel's 50th birthday, Becca had a brilliant idea to collect witticisms and funny life rules from those that knew JaNoel best. There was a huge response to Becca's request and we wound up collecting far more than 50 "JaNoelisms." honor of Ms. JB's 52nd birthday I'm posting 52 JaNoelisms that Becca collected in 2007:

1. Rule Number One: No one here knows feel free to act like a crazy person!
2. Rule Number Two: In case of fire, eat your dessert first!
3. A Dad's job is to drive us around and take our picture.
4. Some people are just all dollars and no sense! (I'm sure she didn't mean any of us :-)
5. Never "should" on yourself, it just ain't pretty!
6. If it works, copy shamelessly!
7. All tours include food.
8. All tours exit through the gift shop.
9. My face, it ain't no star, but I doesn't mind it…myself is behind it, it's the folks in the front get the jar ….or for short, "The guy in the front gets the jar."
10. If you are looking for something…"Don't worry, it will be the last place you look." (Because you stop looking for it when you find it :-)
11. We had children so they could do the housework!
12. Sing at the table, whistle in the bed… the bogey man will get you by the hair of your head! (This one used to scare Leah!)
13. When people asked what they could do for her…"Pray!! I need the prayers and you could use the practice!"
14. Susan, pay your dues…Professionals belong to professional associations no matter how unprofessional the professional association might be.
15. After falling down a hill at a Buffet Concert… "I had a Gravity Storm!"
16. "Malls should have Nap-O-Ramas!" You could rent recliners by the hour, check your bags, and have a little nap before you continue shopping.
17. Bethy, I've been thinking. (I always knew a scheme was cooking)
18. Don't worry, you'll do just fine. (Refer to #16)
19. Just because you say or think something bad, doesn't make it happen.
20. I'm soooo pretty, I'm the prettiest I've ever been.
21. This is my New Normal!
22. There's always a reason to eat chocolate... if not, make a reason!
23. Never drink wine before its time.... IT'S TIME!
24. Birthdays are for celebrating!
25. Start with desert; it's more fun that way!
26. As my ship goes out to sea, I scoop my soup away from me!
27. A whistling woman and a crowing hen…both shall come to no good end!
28. Chew, Chew, Chew like Ian McQueen! (We went to preschool with him and apparently he was a good chewer J)
29. Ring, Ring, Ring! I Pink up the Phone… "Yellow! Statue?" (I think this originally started as a joke my sister told my mom. She used to say it when we called her.)
30. When you asked if she knew the weather forecast… "No, but I know the Mexican Weather: Chile Today – Hot Tamale!"
31. In case of emergency, always wear clean underwear!
32. Marriage is Compromise! Remember how I used to let your Dad dress you when you were little?
33. Let's use OPM...Other People's Money!
34. Small children and grown-ups alike who always want to do their own thing regardless of the rules shall be referred to as being on the DWP Plan...Doing as they Damn Well Please.
35. Money is a renewable resource, Life isn't.
36. There is no such thing as a used book.
37. Cakes get done, projects get finished. OR Cookies get done and people get finished.
38. Her School Teacher English: for lie and lay..."People lie and books lay," for good and well... "A good steak well done."
39. Halloween trick or treat candy is subject to "Parent Tax," and the parent gets to choose first!
40. She was fond of invoking Dr. Phil, especially when it concerned Leah (sorry, LJ!): "So, how's that working out for you, Leah?"
41. There really is no warehouse for orange highway cones -- the highway folks just move them around from place to place as a means of storage.
42. When the husbands and children are away, have fudge and popcorn for dinner.
43. It's good to go to a Jimmy Buffett outdoor concert in the rain because then you only have to buy one beer. Of course, this is good only if you don't mind watered-down beer!
44. Winnie the Pooh and Dory the Clownfish are sources of great wisdom. (Pooh - "It's time for a little smackerel of something." Dory - "Nope...Nothin' in my Noggin" and "Just keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming...")
45. Why have dwarfs if they don't do the chores?
46. Live each day to the fullest - if you don't then how can you expect God to bless you with more days?
47. From Charlotte's Web after Wilbur tells Charlotte he thinks she is beautiful: "Well, there's no denying I am pretty."
48. Don't Worry, Be Happy!
49. Move when your windows get dirty...that way you don't have to clean them.
50. You get what you get or you don't get nothin'! (a la Ms. Pat from A Step at a Time Preschool)
51. There's no problem so big it can't be solved when it means that shopping will be involved.
52. Terry! What do you mean you don't know how to 'do' layaway! Layaway is the salvation of the season!

Happy Birthday Ms. JB!! Love...Team JaNoel

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog List

KomenArkansas came up with a great idea this year and I just wanted to make sure that everyone noticed...they've started blogging!!

I've listed to the right of our posts "Team JaNoel's Favorite Blogs." In this list is the KomenArkansas Team Blog. You should check it out in the upcoming weeks...there just might be a Team JaNoel sighting!!

Also...if YOU have a blog of your own, I'd love to list it! Either comment here or shoot me an email at

Hope everyone is doing great!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Congratulations are in order...

For Ms. JB's youngest child...Leah Jane and Ross are now officially ENGAGED!! Woo hoo!!
Congrats to the both of you!

Economic Impact of Race for the Cure

In the "exciting" (that word is used, um, loosely) economic times we've been experiencing, I thought this email was VERY interesting...

Near perfect weather assured not only record registration but record attendance. Race participants were smiling and hugging and enjoying the continuous array of entertainers on the race route who were there to support our breast cancer advocates, all 45,938 of them. (One of those on the sidelines included our very own Governor Mike Beebe).

This year's race raised a record $1,875,000. After expenses, we will give about $400,000.00 directly to national breast cancer research. And close to $1,200,000 will be distributed in the 63 counties of Arkansas considered our service area. The race was a financial success! (Please note that costs for the race were less than 20%.)

Komen affiliates don't hold on to the money raised. Currently we are determining which grants we can fund. Money raised in October 2008 will be in the hands of our grantees by April 2009.

There is something else about the money that we raise.To understand that something else, let's start with a question. Which sporting event stimulates the United States economy more — the Super Bowl or the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® Series? The Race for the Cure® series actually has double the impact on the U.S. economy than the Super Bowl has on its host city, and Arkansas is one of the top 10 states contributing to its significant economic impact.

An independent study conducted by Tripp Umbach, a leading provider of economic impact analysis, shows the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® series had a total economic impact on the U.S. of nearly $779 million in 2007. In Arkansas, breast cancer activists, survivors, runners and partners raised more than $2.0 million to fight breast cancer and contributed more than $31.5 million to the Arkansas economy last year.

The Tripp Umbach report showed Arkansas ranked Number 8 in the Top 10 State Impacts. It is empowering to know that Komen has not only saved millions of lives through its research and community outreach programs, but has significantly impacted the U.S. economy.

Team JaNoel definitely contributed to the success of the 2008 race--by raising OVER $1,000!

If we continue on this trend--we'll probably be able to get up to $1500 next year!

Way to go!!